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About Us

Are you a dedicated individual who values financial security and making a positive impact on the world?

Do you seek a personalized financial plan that aligns with your values and concern for sustainability?

Look no further than Debbie Gallant CFP and her team.

What gets them out of bed excited for each day is helping their purpose-driven clients achieve their financial goals, experience peace of mind, and be a force for good in the world.

Whether you're planning for retirement, managing an inheritance, or simply seeking financial clarity, Debbie and her team are ready to earn your trust and become your guides on life financial journey. She offers a warm and collaborative environment where you can openly discuss your financial aspirations and concerns. She takes the time to understand your unique values, goals, and philanthropic priorities before crafting a personalized plan that aligns with your vision for a better future.

Debbie Gallant, Courtney Barnes, and Irinia Gabidullina are all CFPs and are all passionate about socially responsible investing (SRI/ESG). They believe in aligning your investments with your values. At Gallant Financial Planning, they offer a range of low-cost, sustainable investment options that allow you to do well while doing good.

Let Debbie Gallant and the Gallant FP team be your guide on the path to financial security and lasting impact. Schedule a complimentary consultation today and discover how they can help you build a brighter financial future, aligned with your values and passion for making a difference.