Estimated Tax Payments and Property Tax Payments

Estimated Tax Payments and Property Tax Payments

August 23, 2022

For folks lucky enough to have paid off their mortgage, that means you'll be paying your property tax (and homeowner's insurance) directly rather than it being paid through your mortgage company's escrow.

So, it's that time of year again when county property taxes are due (at least in Montgomery County, Maryland. The first half is due on September 15th and the second half is due December 15th.

All homeowners should have received a bill in the mail to pay your property tax directly to the county. [Though ignore this bill of your mortgage company is escrowing your property taxes.]

You can also pay online at Montgomery County Maryland Real Property Tax - Online Check Payment (

Also due September 15th are Federal and state (Maryland) third quarter estimated tax payments. If your tax preparer or tax software generated tax vouchers, you might need to send in a payment. The IRS and states accept paper vouchers and checks, though you might consider paying online. For the IRS,  you can pay using this link:

For Maryland, you can pay directly through this link:  

Let us know if you want us to run some tax projections to determine if you need to pay quarterly estimated tax payments for September 15th or even January 15th for 4th quarter.