Highlighting CNote's Work In Baltimore and Beyond

Highlighting CNote's Work In Baltimore and Beyond

January 08, 2024

One of my favorite recommendations to our clients...

CNote is a women-led investment platform that empowers individuals and institutions to invest locally to further economic equality, racial justice, gender equity, and address climate change.

CNote makes it easy to invest in the economic prosperity of financially underserved communities across America. CNote like Gallant Financial Planning LCC is a certified B Corporation. We always encourage our clients to look out for the #BCorp logo in the marketplace where they are looking to spend or invest because it is a reliable way to identify companies that balance purpose alongside profit.

We're fans of CNote for many reasons. For example, we can really get behind their core founding principles.

  1. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to pursue financial freedom.
  2. Each of us can play a part in building a more equitable world simply by changing where we invest and hold our cash.

As Rockville, MD locals we serve a lot of clients in the Baltimore–Washington DC metro area. There are many ways to make an impact with our resources, but it's always nice to invest close to home.

We wanted to share one of CNote's Impact Stories about David Akinniyi, the Baltimore Developer who’s Transforming his Adopted City with Each New Building.

CNote partners with CDFIs such as Baltimore Community Lending in communities throughout the United States, financing small businesses, providing technical assistance, and empowering local entrepreneurs like David Akinniyi.

Baltimore resident and entrepreneur David Akinniyi, MBA, PMPis revitalizing his adopted city through his real estate development company, the Akinniyi Group. His mission is to create luxury communities that foster personal growth, wellness, and inclusion, while remaining affordable and accessible to residents.

Akinniyi's journey began in 2020, focusing on purchasing pre-built properties. However, his ambition led him to tackle a new challenge: constructing a five-unit apartment building. Faced with the complexities of zoning approvals, permits, and the COVID-19 pandemic, he sought assistance from the Baltimore Development Corporation.

They connected him with BALTIMORE COMMUNITY LENDING, a mission-driven CDFI dedicated to supporting low-income and disadvantaged communities. BCL not only provided favorable interest rates but also crucial mentorship and guidance, ensuring a smooth and efficient construction process.

Akinniyi praises BCL's support, emphasizing their protective systems and expertise, especially valuable for new developers like himself. Thanks to their partnership, the apartment building is set to welcome tenants this summer.

But Akinniyi's vision extends beyond this single project. He has ambitious plans for the future, including building a larger residential community of 50-75 units within the next few years. This community will offer amenities like a gym, business center, and recreational center, further enhancing the neighborhood and city.

Akinniyi's approach prioritizes the residents' well-being and community-building, contrasting with opportunistic investors solely focused on profit. He emphasizes the importance of "not just for money, but to enhance the city." He encourages other investors to adopt a similar mindset, believing it benefits not just their ventures but the entire city.

David Akinniyi exemplifies a new breed of entrepreneurs: those who prioritize community needs and inclusive growth alongside economic success. With the support of organizations like Baltimore Community Lending and CNote, his efforts are revitalizing Baltimore and offering residents a brighter future.

If you'd like to put your resources to work towards impact stories like David's while also making a return on your investment, CNote has good news for you.

CNote recently announced increases in interest rates effective immediately on all new investments in the Wisdom Fund and Flagship Fund.

New Wisdom Fund Investments that drive critical funding to women of color entrepreneurs: 3%*
New Flagship Fund Investments that promote financial inclusion in underserved communities across the country: 4%*

As you can tell, we are very much values-aligned with the work that CNote is doing in the world and share their commitment to creating a more equitable world through impact investing.

You can live well while doing good.