Introducing the eMoney Decision Center

Introducing the eMoney Decision Center

January 18, 2023

You put your trust in us to provide tailored financial advice to help you reach your life goals. We know that in order to fulfill that promise to you, we have to stay current on the best tools and tech out there. That’s part of the reason we moved away from our old financial planning software and started using eMoney. Within eMoney is a robust planning tool that we are excited to share with you- The Decision Center.

The Decision Center is an interactive cash flow planning tool designed to show you a real-time view of how your financial decisions can impact your overall plan. By adjusting these scenarios in real-time in the Decision Center, we can get your immediate feedback and have a more in-depth conversation about decisions you’re facing.

In the coming months, we’ll be working behind the scenes to set up these scenarios for you, and we’ll plan to present them as a basis for conversation at your review meeting in the fall. In order to lay the groundwork for this meeting, we’ll be asking you to fill out two short surveys- the Life Transition Survey and the Financial Satisfaction Survey. Your answers to these questionnaires, as well as what we already know about you, will inform how we set up this planning tool.

We’re really excited to use the Decision Center with you to, as always, help you live your most fulfilling life.