Medicare Resources

Medicare Resources

September 05, 2020

Turning 65 and/or separating from an employer’s health plan at “retirement” (whatever retirement means to you) opens to the door to needing to make health care decisions that can boggle the mind. We’re here to help you with some resources provided to us by i65, a Medicare consulting service.

We’ve included two short checklists that can help guide you through these important decisions and point you in the right direction for obtaining more guidance and support. One is a Medicare Planning Worksheet that you can use to plan ahead. The second is a Medicare Readiness Checklist.

Tune into these 4 short videos found on YouTube for more information on the Medicare puzzle:

"Part One: An Introduction to the Medicare enrollment problem

"Part Two: Understanding the Three Parts and Two Paths of Medicare

"Part Three: The Six Steps of Medicare Enrollment

"Part Four: How to get unbiased, expert Medicare guidance personalized for your situation