New Software Widgets

New Software Widgets

January 10, 2018

MoneyGuidePro is a goal-oriented software.  The MoneyGuidePro planning philosophy’s five key points are: (1) Begin saving by setting goals based on what is most important to you (2) prior to retirement, focus on savings and the goals funded from the investment portfolio; (3) during retirement, separate necessary expenses from discretionary ones; (4) Show a cash flow of income and expenses (at the level reasonable for long-term planning); and, (5) make valid, supportable assumptions.

MoneyGuide Pro tools include: Yodlee, Finametrica, Financial Freedom and Bliss.

Yodlee is an account aggregation software, where you can link your bank and investment accounts, insurances, and the assets on which we base our projections. My Snapshot displays your current portfolio, recommended scenario, goals, and net worth. It is a tool for budgeting, as well as tracking income and expenses, which allows you to view many sides of your financial picture in one convenient location.

Financial Freedom is a recent addition, designed for an early-career phase as you prepare to create a full financial plan.  Clients who would benefit most from Financial Freedom have taken out student loans, accumulated credit card debt, started an Emergency Fund, or found a Special Goal they want to fund in the next 10 years (such as a home down payment, luxury vacation, or other major purchase). The program will use the interest rates, portfolio returns, savings, and debt balances to calculate the optimal payment schedule for you.

Bliss - The retirement compatibility tool helps to bring separate views of partners or spouses on retirement into sync.  The program offers an enjoyable game for couples that identifies an essential part of the financial planning process.  Accessible on your computer or mobile device, once you have finished the game, you will receive a compatibility score to help you begin working together towards your goals.

Blueleaf Investment Performance software: We offer our retainer clients access to Blueleaf software where you connect all your investment accounts in one place and monitor their performance. Similar to Yodlee, it aggregates all of your assets in one place, regularly auto updating and feeding into your financial plan. Blueleaf’s advantage is its performance reporting. Once you accept our invitation to connect to Blueleaf, you can allow a second person access to receive monthly investment performance updates, with weekly update options available under settings. They also gain the ability to log in and see year to date, one, three months and one-year performances. You can group accounts by goal (retirement, short or long-term savings, college, etc.) and monitor accumulation progress towards your goals. Go to for more details.

Talk to Debbie (301) 461-8492 or email her at if you are interested in adding our investment advisory and supervision services and explore all of our software in more detail.