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The Positive Impact of Conscious Investing

| March 14, 2022
Principles Before Profit
At Gallant Financial, we don't just help clients build wealth, we help them make a difference in the world by providing investment options with companies and organizations dedicated to "the global good".
Check out the positive impact we've help clients make in this report snapshot below and click here and fill out our contact form to request the full report and we'll get it over to you! 
Note: Metrics marked with a check mark are better than the benchmark.
Data in this report pertain only to social impact, not financial performance. Stake PBC is not an investment advisor, and does not provide investment advice or investment recommendations. The information contained herein is believed to be from reliable sources, but we make no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy of the information. Information provided is as of March 12, 2022, and may change over time based on market or other conditions. The holdings of ESG pure model are as of Jan. 11, 2022. Please consult with your advisor for more details about any of the metrics displayed in this report. Investing involves risk. Depending on the types of investments, there may be varying degrees of risk. Socially responsible investing does not guarantee any amount of success. This analysis may not provide a complete picture of the social impact as it is only as reliable as the amount of data available. Links to external websites are strictly as a courtesy. We make no representation as to the completeness or accuracy of information provided in the web links within this report. Nor is Stake liable for any direct or indirect technical or system issues or any consequences arising out of your access to or your use of third-party technologies, web sites, information and programs made available through this report. When you access one of these links, you assume total responsibility and risk for your use of the web sites.
Metrics marked with a checkmark are better than the benchmark. Benchmark comparison calculation methodology
Funds are benchmarked against a representative index based on their investment style (e.g. 'US Large Cap'). Companies are benchmarked against the universe of companies with data coverage for that metric. The displayed comparisons are based on a dollar-weighted average based on the portfolio constituents with data coverage for each metric. For example, 30% less animal exploitation (-30%) means that, as a dollar-weighted average, 30% fewer constituents in the selected portfolio have ties to animal testing and animal food products, compared to their respective benchmarks. Funds are assigned a value for each metric based on a dollar-weighted average of the companies held by that fund with data coverage for that metric.
Nightingale-Rose Chart
This section measures a portfolio's relative performance in 5 major issue areas (Health, Environment, Human Rights, Equal Opportunity, Accountability) according to the following process.
The overall comparison is a coverage-weighted average of the comparison between the portfolio and the benchmark for each of the metrics displayed in the report across each of the major issue areas. For portfolios that include funds, managers' shareholder engagement activities are included in the overall comparisons for each of the 5 major issue areas if at least three companies have improved, or committed to improve disclosure or performance in that issue area following shareholder engagement by the fund managers in your portfolio over the last two years.
This report is based on the portion (84%) of your portfolio covered by YourStake. YourStake's coverage universe consists of public equities, public equity funds, and corporate bond funds. Fund coverage is calculated as the dollar weighted percentage of the fund held in corporate equities or fixed income instruments covered by YourStake. The metrics displayed in this report are based on the selected ESG issues for this portfolio. If no ESG issues are selected, then the top metrics based on coverage and relevance in this report are displayed by default.