From Nervous Speaker to Confident Leader: My Toastmasters Transformation (and Why You Should Join To

From Nervous Speaker to Confident Leader: My Toastmasters Transformation (and Why You Should Join To

February 07, 2024

Remember that nerve-wracking feeling before a presentation? The clammy hands, the racing heart, the voice threatening to crack? I know it all too well. But those worries are a distant memory now, thanks to Toastmasters.

It all started with a casual conversation. During my annual review, Debbie suggested Toastmasters as a way to improve my public speaking skills. Honestly, I didn't know much about the organization, but something about her enthusiasm piqued my curiosity.

I joined the Business Oriented Toastmasters club in April 2019, I joined the Business Oriented Toastmasters club, embarking on a journey that transformed me in ways I couldn't have imagined. My journey may have started with a focus on crafting polished presentations; it became about discovering confidence, leadership, and a supportive community.

From club president, sergeant at arms, area director, to my current role as VP of membership, I've worn many hats within Toastmasters. More importantly, I've shed my reluctance around public speaking and become a mentor, guiding others on their Toastmasters path. It's a rewarding experience, and I'm now aiming to achieve the prestigious Distinguished Toastmaster designation by 2025.

But Toastmasters is about more than just personal growth. It's all about communication excellence, and for 100 years and counting, Toastmasters have been expressing themselves better, practicing, and evaluating in a fun club environment, shining all around the world. Our bi-monthly meetings are structured for learning and collaboration, featuring prepared and impromptu speaking sessions filled with constructive feedback. Each club has its own unique flavor, like our "Business Tip Minute" or EasyTech's "Tech Minute."

Most importantly, Toastmasters fosters a positive and diverse environment where encouragement reigns supreme. We celebrate each speaker, regardless of experience, creating a space where learning is continuous and support is abundant. It's not just about mastering presentations; it's about building confidence, leadership skills, and a valuable network of professionals.

Recently a friend from my kids' summer swimming pool days invited me to her retirement party. She said she was unsure what she would do during her retirement. I had a suggestion… "Join Toastmasters"! She accepted my invitation, and she is very involved in the club, even joining the club officers' team.

So, if you're looking to conquer your fear of public speaking, discover hidden leadership potential, and connect with a supportive community, take a leap of faith. Join Toastmasters, and like me, you might be surprised by the transformation that awaits!