Tools for Boomers

| August 31, 2019
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To support our "boomer clients" and those clients who have parents or family members near or in retirement, we have three specialty software tools that we use in conjunction with our core financial planning and projection software that we'd like to introduce to you:

  1. Social Security Analyzer for generating a detailed report on optimal Social Security claiming strategies
  2. i65 Medicare Roadmap to provide information on making Medicare choices (including Medigap and Medicare Advantage coverages)
  3. Whealthcare Planning is a suite of questionnaires and tools the start the conversation about health and elder care financial planning including a "Financial Caretaking Plan, "Risk Profile," and "Proactive Aging Plan."

These services are available to all ongoing retainer clients so please contact us if you'd like to explore one or more of these great tools. We're really excited to share them.

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