Update on Iroquois Valley Farms - a hedge against inflation

July 03, 2022

Iroquois Valley is proud to share the stories of the six farms that they partnered with this spring – this is the largest number of investments they’ve made in a two-month timeframe in their Company’s history. They continue to have a strong pipeline and have six additional commitments to farmers that they expect to close by fall. As always, each investment is the result of a farmer reaching out to them about a specific need. Their due diligence centers on an inclusive and holistic underwriting process, beginning with building a relationship with the farmer and understanding their business. These relationships often develop over months, or even years, in some cases. Meanwhile, they are developing new products to expand their work with farmers – they are excited to share more about those developments in the coming months. Their portfolio now consists of nearly 60 partnerships with independent farms, covering 30,000 acres in 17 states, representing more than $75MM in assets. 

With their current commitments and other transactions in the due diligence phase, Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT expects their available capital to be fully allocated by the end of this month. They are very pleased to reopen our REIT Equity Shares and hope that with investors' help, They will be able to replenish their cash account and continue to support independent organic farmers. As a reminder, investing in farmland through their REIT Equity Shares serves as a hedge against inflation. The valuation of your REIT shares is based on the underlying farmland values, which typically rise during periods of inflation. They are on track to have their busiest year yet with new investments, reinvestments, and continued growth in their farmer network and pipeline. They are glad to be open for fundraising both equity and debt as they experience historic interest in our work.

Now accepting investments in their REIT offering

A note from the folks at Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT: We are excited to announce that our REIT Equity Shares Offering is now available for new investments at our updated share price of $686 per share. The minimum investment is $10,290 (15 shares), and both non-accredited and accredited investors are eligible to invest. The subscription agreement can be found on our website and includes instructions on how to invest via our online portal or mail. Your investment is essential to our ongoing work transitioning farmland to organic. We also continue to accept investments in our Series IV Soil Restoration Notes, and we encourage interested investors to make a tax-deductible donation to our partner, Healing Soils Foundation. If you have questions about our investment offerings, Healing Soils Foundation, or our Company, please reach out to invest@iroquoisvalleyfarms.com to schedule a call.