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What is an Investment Policy Statement?

What is an Investment Policy Statement?

| August 09, 2020
Last summer, we prepared Investment Policy Statements for our TD Ameritrade investment clients. We'll be reviewing and updating these important documents during our upcoming client review meetings. If you have new goals and/or life events, we might need to update your Investment Policy Statement to reflect both changes in your life as well as in the world.
What is an Investment Policy Statement? This is a short document that we prepare that contains important details about you (such as your age and life expectancy, investment risk tolerance, whether you are receiving a paycheck, other sources of money such as a pension or Social Security, your projected annual distribution needs from your investment portfolio, your investment preferences, among others). The IPS documents the guidelines we use for how we invest and manage your money. In addition, we factor in other parameters such as time horizon, stock to bond allocation range, investment objectives and the economy as a whole. You may choose to add additional constraints or preferences as well. These could include "no guns or tobacco" or a preference for certain asset classes such as international funds.
Together we will review your current IPS and update as appropriate. We'll then incorporate these changes into your investments at TD Ameritrade. Let's discuss during your upcoming meeting.