What’s New This Month at Gallant Financial Planning?

What’s New This Month at Gallant Financial Planning?

August 15, 2017

We are evaluating a new Medicare planning process. Our goal is to help you make better decisions when the time comes to apply for Medicare. We can guide you through a series of questions to develop a “road map” of when it would be the best time to enroll in Medicare or related programs and the best options to select. If you are approaching 65 and interested in discussing it, please contact us.

Two interns were training with us this summer. Rafik and Courtney worked under our direction to create TD Ameritrade portfolio models for each client, move ahead with drafts of Investment Policy Statements, which you should get shortly in your inbox, and perfect our filing system. Now they are returning to their colleges with a set of new skills and financial planning experiences.

What Should You Know about the New Fiduciary Ruling?

Since June 9, 2017 the Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule requires those who advise you on your retirement plan - such as broker-dealers, investment advisors (including Gallant Financial Planning), and insurance agents - to act in your best interests when they provide investment advice for a fee or other compensation. While NAPFA financial planner firms (including us!) have long operated under standards designed to take clients’ needs, risk tolerance and other important considerations into account, the rule addresses potential conflicts of interest that can arise. The rule is expected to introduce a new layer of compliance oversight for advisors, to meet the new higher standard regarding the recommendations they give to their clients.

At Gallant Financial Planning, we have always acted as a fiduciary to our clients and do not base our fee on amount of assets under management or market performance, nor do we recommend rollovers to earn commissions. GFP is a member of the fee-only advisors network. We adhere to the highest standards of care for your investments and financial planning, we sell no products and receive no commissions or fees for/from referrals. That being said, we also will be meeting all of the rules requirements relating to documentation and disclosure. Contact Debbie if you have any questions.

Market Rollercoaster and Your Investments.

Do you follow the market and are nervous about it being overheated? Do you think there should be a correction in the near future? While less than 10% of one’s portfolio success is based on active portfolio management styles such as market timing or stock picking, the other 90% of a portfolio’s return is based on passive investing with strategic asset allocation. That’s what we do at Gallant Financial Planning. We select our portfolios based on your risk tolerance, conversations with you about your comfort with market ups and downs, and your goals and time horizons, and choose sound low-cost passive investment options.

The market can go up or down but historically in the long run you will be able to weather the storms and stand strong not overreacting while market fluctuates. We are here to monitor your portfolio, rebalance when it drifts off your target allocation and make sure you have adequate cash reserves to fund your short term goals like upcoming college funding or retirement within 5 years or other goals you’ve indicated.

This Vanguard podcast well represents our investment philosophy.