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Financial Fitness Review Project

The Financial Fitness Review  offers a general review of an individual’s or couple’s finances. Think of it as a "financial check up" where you'll receive actionable advised tailored to you. We'll have two brainstorming/discussion sessions and complete your project over the course of about 30 days. The Financial Fitness Review is perfect for those newly in the workforce, newly married, or perhaps a new parent. You might be seeking guidance on how to navigate employee benefits, saving for goals such as a first home, setting up an emergency fund or college savings accounts, budgeting, and also saving for retirement. And perhaps also juggling paying off student loans. [A focused review of various student loan repayment strategies can be added on to this project or any client engagement.]

We’ll address all areas of financial planning including insurances and employee benefits, estate planning, budgeting and savings, and also specific questions someone might have. We’ll then provide actionable advice for improving financial security and meeting shorter term goals. You'll have confidence that you have a plan of action for taking care of your finances that best reflects your life.

The fee for the Financial Fitness Review ranges from $2500 to $3900, depending on the complexity of your personal situation and the scope of topics you'd like us to work with you on.

Courtney Barnes, a Millennial, will be the lead advisor on this project.

Reach out to us to schedule an initial consultation to find out more about the benefits you'll gain from this advisory service and what your specific fees would be.

Student Loan Repayment Strategy Review

With uncertainty about the student loan forgiveness program and the upcoming end of interest and payment forbearance, individuals with student loans are understandably unsure of the right next steps for them. Consider adding a Student Loan Repayment Strategy Review to a current or future engagement with us. Reach out and we can propose a scope of work and fee for providing you with actionable advice to save you headaches and interest payments.

Each student loan situation is different and several variables should be considered when deciding on the best repayment strategy. Current clients can set up a call with Courtney using this link to talk about the best plan for you.