Ongoing Advisory Services

We do our best work for clients when we partner together for ongoing financial planning and investment advice/management. We begin with an initial 12-month engagement. Under an annual arrangement, we can address the full range of your planning goals, assist you in implementing our recommendations, and respond quickly to any changing circumstances.

After we complete your financial planning project or our first year retainer engagement, you have the option of entering into an ongoing retainer, starting at $500 per month for planning only services or planning and investment advisory/management services starting at at a minimum of $2500 per quarter and are incrementally increased based on 0.80% of assets under management plus 0.30% of assets that we advice on such as your 401K.

Investment Management

Investment management is offered to you under annual retainer arrangements and fees are based on factors such as the number of accounts, asset size, and types of your investments. We manage client assets at TD Ameritrade (soon to be Schwab), Vanguard, and TIAA. Our investment portfolios include Vanguard, iShare, and Dimensional Fund Advisor funds and are oriented toward Socially Responsible Investments and social impact.

Investment management fees start at $2,500 per quarter and are calculated at 0.80% of the the assets that we manage for you.

One-Time Planning Projects

See our financial planning page for options tailored for "do it yourselfers" who need/want information on making decisions during a life transition. These fees range from $4900 to $8500 for short term advisory engagements.

How Fees are Calculated

Our fees are calculated based on the nature of our work together. Your needs and goals will direct and drive our work, beginning with our initial phone interview. We will discuss your circumstances and goals, and we'll share a proposed partnership in more detail, which entails how we can help you work toward your goals and ideal future.

We charge fees either on a fixed fee basis for a defined project (e.g., a retirement plan, a full financial plan, or financial fitness review or update to prior work we’ve done together) or as an annual retainer for ongoing planning and investment advice/management. Factors we use in calculating fees include the complexity of your situation, the scope and level of services, and the size and types of your investment accounts.

In general, investment management fees range between 0.80% and 1.0% of the assets we manage for you. Investment advisory fees may range from 0.30% to 0.50% of your investments such as 401Ks where we give you investment advice and you implement.

Investment advisory fees are in addition to financial planning fees so that you are paying for only what you need.

A Fee-Only Fiduciary Firm

As a fee-only firm, our only income is from you, our client, not investment companies or insurance carriers. With a fully transparent fee structure that we share with you in advance, you always know what you are paying. As a result, we have no inherent conflicts of interest or biases. We conduct our business under a fiduciary duty and are held to strict codes of professional and ethical conduct.