Fee-Only Financial Planning

Fee-Only Financial Planning

See the big picture and stay on the right track to the success you want.

We believe financial planning is an ongoing process, not just a one-time event. Life changes and evolves, and we can act as your guides along the way to ensure you stay on the right path through it all.

How We Work with Clients

Although we call it “financial planning,” it’s really more about life planning: helping you find ways to leverage your wealth as a tool to fulfill your vision of your future life. When we work together, we’ll identify where you are today, where you might like to go in the future -- and then it’s our job to pave the path to get you there.

Your financial plan includes action steps to take, suggestions on what to do to improve or optimize and aspect of your wealth, analysis of both opportunities you may want to take advantage of and risks to protect against, and more.

When we provide financial planning services to you, we:

Get to know you and your family and what’s important to you.

Identify and prioritize your long-term goals (which could focus on retirement, college, home-ownership or your business).

Design how you want your future to look, including your lifestyle, where you’ll live, and how much it will cost.

Help you make the best decisions that fit your current situation and long-term expectations.

Forecast the growth of your portfolio, making realistic assumptions about the risk you are willing to accept and the investment returns you should realistically expect.

Model different scenarios to show how different decisions—such as retiring a couple of years later or working part-time—can impact your nest egg.

Answer all questions you have about your finances or investments along the way, so you always understand the “why” behind our advice.

Invest in the Life You Want

We’re a fee-only financial planning firm, which means we don’t sell products, earn commissions from third-parties, or receive any kickbacks. You can rest assured knowing we’re never financially incentivized to do anything but put your best interests ahead of everything else.

Here’s how we can start together:

Financial Fitness Review

Have you started a new job, recently gotten married, started a family, and/or are looking to buy your first house? We can review with you all the important considerations and answer your key questions about next steps.

Together we will cover some of the core areas of financial planning, from savings for various goals, paying down student loans, evaluating your employee benefits, to protecting your income and savings, preparing for incapability and estate planning, and discussing your investments.

We'll gather and analyze your financial situation, review your documents, ask questions, and then prepare an initial assessment for you. Then, during our working meeting we’ll review your financial life, brainstorm with you about various options, answer your questions, and develop an action plan with recommendations for you to implement.

Starts at $4,900 for singles and $5,900 for couples.

One-time Financial Plan & Investment Review

Do you have children (and/or aging parents), a mortgage (or would like one), and a job you are juggling as you try to determine how much to save for retirement and whether you are on track for other savings goals?

For this comprehensive financial planning project, we will dive deeper into your financial life with more research and analysis relating to your financial planning, retirement savings, college planning, and investment planning. Topics range from tax strategies, insurance and estate planning, employee benefits, retirement savings, and other important questions for your future.

Again, we will gather your financial data ahead of time so that we can research and analyze your situation, provide you access to our suite of financial planning tools/software, and prepare for the first of two intensive working meetings where you share your goals and preferences and ask us questions, we brainstorm with you about options, we model different scenarios with you, and then follow up each meeting with a detailed report including a financial plan, investment review, and action plan.

Starts at $6,900 for individuals and $7,500 for couples and families

Retirement Readiness Review Project

Are you close to retirement and eagerly waiting until you can make this big transition? Do you want to make sure you have thought of everything you need to think about before you retire? Do you want an independent point of view on your finances before you make the leap?

In a retirement readiness review project, we will gather all of your financial information and create a financial inventory for you to review before our first meeting. You'll also receive a separate Social Security strategy report and a link to our Medicare planning software to evaluate your health care options. At our first working meeting, we'll present our initial retirement funding projections for you to evaluate and then we'll brainstorm on how to optimize your current resources for your anticipated retirement. We'll share with you our perspective of your "retirement readiness" and also recommended action items to implement before you leave work.

At our second working meeting, we'll discuss funding for basic living expenses and discretionary expenses, health care and options long term care, creating a "retirement paycheck", downsizing, moving to another locale, minimizing taxes through tax planning strategies, life time gifts and bequest, planning for incapacity, and estate planning.

After our second meeting, you'll receive our final recommendations, a retirement plan with year by year funding projections, an investment plan, and an action plan to implement.

Starts at $7,500 for solos and $8,500 for couples

Ongoing Financial Planning Services

We also offer ongoing investment management and ongoing financial planning.

You can chose to keep working with us after your project is completed and we can help you implement your plan. In addition, we are available to you as life changes.

Or you can start with a financial planning and investment advisory one-year retainer and we'll cover all aspects of comprehensive financial planning over the course of 12 months and multiple conversations and meetings.

Starts at $12,000 for the first year, based on the level of service and complexity of your financial situation.

Pick your plan -- or chat through the options to understand what works best for you.