Retirement Readiness Review

The Retirement Readiness Review is a deep dive into getting ready for retirement that can be very illuminating for individuals or couples who want to make sure that they are financially prepared for the next phase of their lives. Over the course of 2 exploratory sessions plus 2 brainstorming and modeling meetings within a 90-day time frame, we’ll take you through all the essential steps for becoming financially independent and ready for your big transition. We’ll cover everything from an investment review and creating a “retirement paycheck” from your savings, examining your best Social Security and Medicare options, tax planning strategies for minimizing taxes and Medicare premium surcharges, Roth conversion strategies, longevity planning and how to pay for whatever comes up, as well as general financial planning such as insurances and estate and incapacity planning to help ensure your financial “boat” has no holes in it. We'll also cover strategies for tax advantaged gifting and bequests so that you have have more money going toward gifting and charitable endeavors and less toward our friends at the IRS.

Like a “Retirement Boot Camp,” the process can be pretty intensive and it will bring up a lot of conversation, ideas, and action items.  We'll share recommendations to you for putting "wind behind your sails."

Debbie Gallant, a "young at heart" Boomer, will be the lead advisor with you on this journey. She's joined by two other CFPs on the team (Courtney for financial planning and Irina for investment advice).

Reach out to us to schedule an introductory conversation about this service and how it will benefit you. After our call, we will propose a scope of engagement and fees based on your specific situation and topics you'd like us to address with you. Fees for this experience range from $7500 to $9900.